Friday, November 4, 2016

How to.

Here's kind of a step by step art journal page, but it's backwards, so start at the bottom.  :-)

And it's done.  Maybe.  I may outline all or part of it in black.  Or white.  We'll see, I guess.  I think it's better to take some time, so I'll look at it in a couple of days and then decide.

I did some detailing with my magical white Sharpie.

I decided this flower needed a darker circle around the middle.  See it below, it looks kind of weird.  Now it looks better. 

I wrote in a bible verse because that's what I do and drew in a flower stem that I had forgotten on one of the flowers and drew some ferns with a green sharpie.  

More coloring.  

More coloring.

I use multiple colors on the leaves too.

I like to use multiple colors on each flower, my goal is at least 5 different colors per flower.

Then I piled a bunch of markers on my desk.  Generally when I do this, I make an effort to use them all in the picture.  Today I kind of cheated because I decided I didn't like all of these colors.  I used some and threw some of them back into the caddy.

Went a little crazy with this because it was pretty fun.

Back to the stamps, using a pencil eraser and a marker this time.  

Then I outlined the rest of the flowers.  At this point, I always think that whatever drawing I am working on is going to turn out horrible.  I always think they look bad, but I persevere.  :-) 

I did go over the mistake with a white paint Sharpie to help minimize it a little.  

Then I made this mistake on one of the other flowers.  Made a mental note to color this petal with a dark color.  :-)  

So I decided to make it into a different type of flower.

and then another one, quickly making a mistake by encroaching this stem on where I would normally draw the flower petals.

Then I started drawing with one of the center flowers.

Last night I lightly painted the page in blue/green.  It's very light. Then today I used various objects (above) to stamp circles on the page.

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